Our club is open to any and all students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Most of our members are in STEM disciplines but any one who has an interest is encouraged to join, you need no prior experience to join the club, only a passion for aerospace. Our teams will teach you everything you need to know including design, CAD software, how to use power tools, and even 3D printing.

A couple times a semester we have large meetings where we go over team progress and vote on amendments, talk about changes, and share general information. General club meetings are open to all students.  Click here to view when the next general club meeting takes place. All other meetings are held with your specific design team.

We also participate in many outreach events involving middle and high school students as well as other STEM-related events throughout Nebraska. Visit out Events & Outreach page to view more details about previous and upcoming events.

If you are interested in joining and staying connected, Slack is our primary communication tool. Slack can be accessed for free on a computer or mobile device.


Design. Build. Fly.

Design. Build. Fly (DBF) is an aviation-based engineering design team.  DBF focuses on the creation of a unmanned, electric powered, radio controlled aircraft that is designed to best fit a given mission profile.  Each year, a new mission is given which is designed to mimic a real world engineering problem.

Lunabotics (formerly RMC)

The NASA Lunabotics Team works to help NASA with its mission to explore Mars. Each year we compete in the NASA Lunabotics Competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The goal is to build a robot that can traverse a simulated Martian terrain in order to collect materials. NASA uses this competition to fuel ideas for its own future missions.


Husker Rocketry is a student-led design team that takes high-powered rockets from design to launch. Every year we compete at a new and exciting competition. The team works together in order build rockets that improve on a yearly basis. Husker Rocketry launches from the fields and aims for the stars.

Husker Rocketry Project 100k

This is separate from the Rocketry team and will include the development of a 100,000 ft rocket. The goal is to reach at least 100,000 ft while also carrying scientific payloads. To learn more about this exciting project or how to get involved, click here.


Aerospace eXperimental Payload (AXP) is a team of competitive students who build a sounding rocket payload. The designed payload is launched on a NASA rocket from the Wallops Flight Facility in eastern Virginia and the rocket allows research to be conducted in zero-gravity environments.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

There are many important sectors of the aerospace industry, and one of the fastest growing and most hyped is that of the 'drone', or more properly, 'unmanned aerial vehicle' or 'system'- a UAV or UAS. With the beginning of the UAV Team, the Aerospace Club has opened up the possibility of projects which are almost entirely software based, bringing the realms of cutting-edge aerospace development directly to students of Computer Science and Computer and Software Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Interested in joining the Aerospace Club? Contact us via the contact button below or visit our Meetings & Events page to find out when to attend our club meetings!

2019-20 Aerospace Club Officer Team

President: Conner Vokoun
Vice President: Emily Welchans
Secretary: Kevin Zhao
Treasurer: Joshua Carlson
Outreach Coordinator: Stephanie Vavra
Safety Officer: Phoebe Pena
Reporter: Eric Vander Woude
Precision Equipment: Joseph Broadway
eSAB Representative: Ethan Yungdahl

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